CBI Newsletter: Coda Connections

Coda Connections, Columbia Bands, Inc.'s quarterly newsletter for its fans and members, is on hiatus. The music-themed newsletter featured a performance calendar, at least one main article or blog, quotes, terms, celebrity birthdays and biographies, and more. Please check back later for other publication news and links to previously published feature articles.

Coda is the Italian word for "tail." In the musician's world, a coda is an independent section at the end of a musical composition, written specifically to bring the piece to a satisfactory end. We at CBI do not view the newsletter as any sort of stopping point, but more of an outreach vehicle to let folks learn and experience the importance and joyfulness that community music brings. "Coda Connections" is a nice alliteration that we hope brings people together.

2016 - Fall

2016-17 - Winter