Review: Mid-Atlantic Flute Convention 2016
Coda Connections Feature - Spring 2016

​We are incredibly lucky to live in an area of the country where amazing music can be found around just about any corner. One of the many great local nonprofit music groups is the Flute Society of Washington (FSW), which allows local flute players, from amateurs to professionals, to collaborate and celebrate their chosen instruments. The FSW celebrated its 50th anniversary this year during its annual convention on February 21st and 22nd in Reston,
Virginia. Flute players from the entire Mid-Atlantic region came together for two days of classes, concerts, performance competitions, and camaraderie.

Each year, the FSW brings in a guest artist to perform and teach. This year, the guest artist was the amazing Peter Sheridan. Currently living and working
in Australia, he is a specialist in the low flutes - any flute that is pitched lower than the traditional C flute. At this year's convention, Mr. Sheridan performed on the alto flute, bass flute, contrabass flute, and the sub-contrabass flute. He also hosted a masterclass with three extremely talented local college students. You can find more information on Mr. Sheridan and his flutes at

Another event was the Convention Flute Choir composed of flute players from all over the region playing on piccolo, C flute, alto flute, bass flute, and even contrabass flute. This year's guest conductor was the great George Pope, retired flute professor from University of Ohio - Akron. The group practiced for three hours and then performed at the convention. In honor of the 30th anniversary of the Convention and the 50th anniversary of the organization, an original composition was commissioned and performed at the concert - Daniel Dorff's Fireworks for Flute Orchestra. This year, 61 local flute players participated in the Convention Flute Choir, including four members of the Columbia Bands.

The Columbia Bands' own Flute Cocktail performed on Sunday afternoon in the Flute Choir Showcase. The performance included four different works and featured an original composition by one of our members: internationally recognized composer and contrabass flute player Jonathan Cohen. Catch Jon's creations at

Jeanette Donald
​Flute Cocktail Manager