New Big Band Member Information

The Columbia Big Band is an amateur adult community jazz band. It is up to each individual member to decide if he or she is comfortable with the music that we play. In addition, members are asked to make a commitment to be at rehearsals and concerts so that we can perform effectively together, and should be physically "in shape" for a 1-hour and 45-minute rehearsal before joining the band. We rehearse at Hammond Middle School in Laurel (during the school year) and Bryant Woods Montessori in Columbia (during the summer) on Tuesday nightsfrom 7:30-9:15.

​Membership Eligibility

When a spot becomes available, interested musicians may contact director Matt Pisarcik at to inquire about sitting in on a rehearsal. Potential new musicians will be asked to sight read and learn parts for four (4) separate rehearsals, followed by an individual audition if desired by the director and the appropriate section leader.

To get an idea of the CBB's style of music, please listen to the audio links at the bottom of our Electronic Press Kit.


Details on the way!


$75 annual membership dues are paid every September. Members joining during the year will pay prorated dues according to the following schedule:
July 1 to December 31 - Full Dues
January 1 to June 30 - Half Dues

There are no dues for summer-only participation, but the individual is ineligible to vote at the May meeting.

​Care of CBB-owned Sheet Music

Your section leader is responsible for disseminating music, whether physically or electronically. You are then responsible for the music until it is collected and returned to the librarian for storage. All members are asked to mark their music as frequently as necessary to ensure that individual mistakes are not repeated and that all ensemble interpretations, as stated by the director, are noted. Following an absence, markings from the previous rehearsal should be obtained from a section member. Markings should be made only with a pencil.

Current CBB Section Leaders (in Score Order):

Saxophone - Eric Bassett
Trumpet - Tom Drake
Trombone - John Hintz
Rhythm - Jeff Eckert

​Concert Attire

For formal concerts:
Men - dark suit, tie, white shirt
Women - black pants/skirt, black blouse
All - black shoes
For summer/outdoor concerts:
Khaki pants
The green CBB polo shirt

Brown shoes/sandals

Performer Etiquette

  • Leave as many personal items as possible OFF-STAGE.
  • Do not talk between tunes or during tunes.
  • When the band stands to accept audience applause, please face the audience and smile. Do not shuffle music or clean up instruments.
  • Demonstrate courtesy to each other by arriving with plenty of time to warm-up individually, tune, and get set up.